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Swales In Parks Public Meeting

Members Levi and Tahareh and steering member Jadene considered our observations of park health with founding member Sylvia (not pictured) in Lower Arroyo Park.

This month Beautiful Bioswales steering members met with general members to review our third Pasadena park for our advocacy report to Parks and Rec.  We will present our recommendations to the city department for including bioswales in urban parks.

Bioswales have so much power and are so simple.  We looked at Lower Arroyo Park this time.  Here is what we noticed:

  • Banks were desiccated
  • Banks were eroding
  • Trees appeared unhealthy looking in some cases
  • Plant cover was minimal on slopes
  • Areas where water cascaded down from residential areas above the park felt cool and moist

We noticed other details and took notes for our report.

If you would like to come to the next Swales In Parks Meeting and be involved in this amazing project, check our Calendar of Events and sign up to our Newsletter to get updates on meeting details.

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