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Don’t Be Silenced On Climate – NEPA Comment Period Closes Tuesday!

Asking yourself, “what can i do about climate change?”

If you have a few seconds by this Tuesday, please join us in speaking up to protect our right to know before the Trump administration rolls back one of the most important mechanisms our country has in place for local civic participation. If one of the questions on your mind is, “what can I do about climate change,” you likely understand the need to know what the issues are first.  If you can take action TODAY or TOMORROW, you can help protect your right to know in America.

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According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, “The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) is a 50-year-old, bedrock environmental law that gives every American a say in the decisions the federal government makes when considering environmentally hazardous projects like oil and gas pipelines and other fossil fuel development.

If you’re wondering: “what can i do about climate change?”

Nothing is more fundamental to our democracy than having a voice.

Instead of listening to what citizens want, the Trump administration is proposing to skew the process in favor of a few polluters. Americans deserve to have their voices heard before polluters are given the OK to move into their communities.

Furthermore, if Trump succeeds in rolling back NEPA, it will shackle us to the climate change-driving fossil fuels of the past — mortgaging the future of our planet and our children’s safety just to temporarily boost polluter profits. The severe impacts of climate change are already being seen around the world, from Australia to Brazil to California.

We need climate action now. We can’t let this stand.

We just submitted an official public comment imploring the Trump administration to reject this horribly misguided assault on our environment and our democracy.

Will you join us?

image: what can i do about climate change

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