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We Are not-for-profit re-Hydrating soil and Recharging Aquifers with smart grading

Did you know that you can improve soil's moisture-holding capacity, attract beneficial organisms, and suppress fire with pretty, planted swales?

What is a Bioswale?

image: what is a bioswaleWelcome to Beautiful Bioswales!  We are an international group based in Pasadena, California, and our goal is water infiltration.  What is a bioswale?  Quite simply, it is a shallow linear depression dug into the ground and planted.  Bioswales come in a variety of forms and degrees of complexity.  They can be a curb-cut storm water infiltration basin, incorporating large rocks and requiring concrete-cutting equipment.  They can be a shallow-carved gentle depression in a parkway.  And there are other forms they can take.  You can build bioswales on slopes to slow down erosion and hydrate large areas of soil.  Bioswales reduce fire danger, add life to dead landscapes, and help re-build living soil.

On this site you’ll be able to find information and projects that our not-for-profit group Beautiful Bioswales is working on to increase infiltration in Los Angeles County and other drought-stricken landscapes around the world.  If you still wonder what is a bioswale, one of our core sponsors has created a downloadable guide sheet, complete with construction details.


Beautiful Bioswales is dedicated to increasing infiltration across the landscape.  We are a team of dedicated professionals and activists whose passion is so strong for infiltration that we dedicate our free time to advocacy, education, and citizen involvement.

A Hub For Landscape Activism

We created this site to act as a hub for our activities and also help people find those of our allies.  Our ally organizations are similarly working to restore the landscape.  Our Calendar features our events and selected events put on by allied groups.

Beautiful Bioswales holds two kinds of meetings on a regular basis.  Steering Meetings plan our projects and run our organization.  Public Meetings allow opportunities for engagement to the general public.

Please come to our public meetings if you want to help on our active projects!